A sacred pre-birth ceremony as a spiritual alternative to a baby shower. A circle of women (men too) empowering mother & baby to be. Quite a deep transformative experience for all. Feeling held & supported.

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Womb Healing

Womb Connection has been pivotal in my own personal path to power & creation. It’s our birth rite to empower ourselves through the journey of connection to our womb space & all the knowledge & intel it holds. I have created a Healing & Awakening session which leads to a new way of life & creation for yourself. It is a beautiful emotional & revealing process. ​ Thoughts, feeling & memories are stored in our DNA. We raise & heal traumas together. Clearing the path forward for the new to be created & to feel connected to our wombs in a positive way bringing empowerment. You will also receive a shamanic Rite of Womb Blessing, as well as a water ritual to bring more blessings. ​ These healings & blessings change the way you relate to yourself, thus changing the relationships around you. It’s a beautiful gift.

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I offere bespoke meditation programmes for businesses looking to bring positivity into their teams daily life’s, as well as inspiration for new projects & ideas.

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Group Rituals & Ceremonies

Gather your tribe together to make some magick. We can curate a ritual to release the old to allow space to manifest those dreams together - a unique memory & experience for you all! Email or call me to discuss further!