Divine Power, Magic & Truth

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I am a medicine woman. What does that mean to me? I see the medicine in everything...its my gold. I can turn suffering into enlightenment...that does not mean I bypass anything...I work through it all. I transmute it. I transform it. As can you. We all have the ability to transform anything through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical bodies, imagination etc we are all creative human beings. We can be passive in our experience of life, or we can be active participators in creating our lives...a change in perspective is the start..

I come from a family lineage of very strong women that were suppressed on many levels...I am here to brake that chain. That pattern. Research shows that we can carry traumas , memories, beliefs etc in our DNA...& that these can actually be transformed when conscious of them...I have been on an ancestral journey of healing those lineages which has been both a huge gift, & a challenge. This was a calling for me, something I couldn’t ignore..I’m the pattern breaker…which means I have experienced or sensed the pattern to overcome it...I have been on a wild, challenging & wonderful journey as a result exploring the spiritual, the emotional, the nervous system, the physical body, & the psyche..this is all now, & continues to be part of my medicine to share & teach...my embodied experience - true wisdom. It is nurturing & fiercely loving.

If you are interested in credentials & education...I have trained in various modalities..reiki seichem, theta healing, & shamanism. These have all been great foundations for my path...I am not attached to them (I have been), they do not define me or my medicine..my journey itself is the gold. I have always been a highly sensitive person. I can see through distorted ego parts that aren't truly you, that may be holding you back..I help you shine light on those parts to shed them to get to the truth of you.

I have developed beautiful practices to bring peace & alignment into my life fulfilling my desires & dreams. I have been on this conscious journey since 2012...& I continue to evolve as life unfolds for me. Life is a gift. You are a gift by being & existing here right now. I am here to help you remember that.

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