Sit with me. Online live video zoom session. Experience shifts in your life clearing the path forward.

  • Category: Holistic
  • Service Duration: 01:60 Hours
  • Price:£60.00



We share food together, & talk..& then we go into sacred space for a healing session..

RE-MEMBERING to heal is to open up to the parts of you that are longing to be seen, heard, expressed & witnessed..

We break through the illusions of mind…

Unravelling & shedding the disempowering be-lie-fs to RECEIVE the TRUTH.. 

These sessions are somatic & embodied..

I work shamanically (shaman means ‘to know’) 

Light Language &  psychic surgery are a big part of my work ..which is when we open to the MYSTERY of all that is..

I have been initiated into various plant medicines which vibrationally may come through..these sessions can feel like a plant medicine ceremony.. you may purge out old stories & you are deeply held & transported into other dimensions…

Clients have received deep inner child healing, soul names & gifts of inspiration & instruction moving forward…

The Mystery Temple is one of my hearts truest desires to is well fed & received..
In Truth, Power & Magic,

Armenia Ray