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“When you realise who you are not, then you realise who you are..” What have you been holding onto that is holding you back? Perhaps you need some clarity with that. Or perhaps you just need an energy shift in your life to feel renewed? It's time to step into a space to acknowledge emotions/beliefs/roles you have been playing that have been keeping you stuck. Raising them from the un/sub - conscious is key to moving forward. Release to Renew.

  • Date: 02/12/2021 07:00 PM
  • Location Active Wellness Centre 79 Lever Street, Manchester, ENGLAND M1 1FL (Map)


We will start with getting into our bodies & breathe to feel grounded, strong & supported within ourselves.

Cleansing breathwork

Light yoga & stretches to physically move stuck energy

Then we will delve into the subconscious states...

DNA activating healing & empowering meditation

Candlelight Release Ceremony

Shamanic breath work

Drum journey to a power animal to bring further insight.

Call your Power back...

Honour and nurture your Self. Respect your Self. Give it what it needs.

Time to get back to you. All Welcome.