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We will be moved by the Moon, to be lit like the Sun ✨ Harnessing the powers of dreamy Sun in Pisces to breakthrough illusions, to commune with Mercury ruled Virgo to receive divine messages to ground our visions & widen them through expansive Neptune! Earthing into our bodies to get into those watery feelings. Virgo loves to clean it all right up! Keeping all in house in check.

  • Date:28/02/2021 11:39 AM
  • Location Online Event



Expect ~

✨Releasing & Reviving Ritual 

✨Guided Shamanic Journey 

✨Healing Mantras 

✨Psychic Messages 

✨Activating Meditation 

✨Channelled extras

What to prepare

~ 2 bowls of water 

~ Pen & Notepad

~ Decorate your space with flowers/plants, light some candles, add some crystals if you wish

Hosted by the Whole(y) Trinity that is @river.of.roses , @yogaonthemove & @senseinspirit

Combining their skills & experience in Shamanism, Meditation, Reiki, Alchemy, Kundalini Yoga, Mantras & more, to hold sacred space to create from the soul.