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Instagramlive with @sarahelizasee. Meditation and Healing Ceremony followed by full moon rituals to bring healing and inspiration to create space for the new. During these uncertain times, Sarah is offering these ceremonies as free events.

  • Date: 05/07/2020 08:15 PM
  • Location Online Event


“For us to fully awaken to our inner divinity, we must learn to use our energy to create beauty & healing in our lives. One way to do this is to harmonize with the energy of Nature to restore ourselves and the Full Moon offers us a powerful chance to do so. At the Full Moon, the energy is powerful and intense. As the bright and vibrant reflection of the Sun’s solar energy upon the Moon bounces cosmic energy upon the Earth, things become intensified. At the full moon, matters come to a head, and awareness is heightened. The full moon brings clarity of vision.” “You might be feeling extra emotional and sensitive, but try not to resist the changes that come with this eclipse, as they are here to help you release and purge any people or situations that are no longer serving you. On a broader, global scale, it corresponds with the traditions and foundations of our world, more specifically structures of families and governments. The eclipse will bring a shift in perspective, allowing us to see how they have transformed and what outdated beliefs needs to change in order to align with the reality we envision moving forward. Remember that endings always herald new beginnings, so allow the eclipse to swiftly tie up loose ends for you as this cycle comes to its completion. Set your intentions for what you would like to release, and for what you would like this new chapter to bring. “ Whatever is being set in this cycle up until autumn equinox, is being set for the next 25 years! W at to change your job? Find something more fulfilling now.  Unhappy with where you live? Set the vibe for movement. Unhappy in a relationship - envisage what you want from one now...old karma is here too. Just ride it out. You are protected in the steadness x Prep:candles, salt, flowers, essential oil or something that smells nice and calming to you, leaves, crystals stones if you have, drinking water in a bowl, pen paper, 2 silver coins, 2 gold coins..