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Instagramlive with @sarahelizasee. Meditation and Healing Ceremony followed by moon rituals to bring healing and inspiration to create space for the new. During these uncertain times, Sarah is offering these ceremonies as donation based. Pay what you can.

  • Date:20/07/2020 08:15 PM
  • Location Online Event



July’s new moon is in Cancer, that's back to back new moons in Cancer over the last month highlights and continues the themes of family, roots, and cultural lineage. With Mercury Retrograde over, you had time to see what needs to be taken care of and mostly what is important to you in your heart. What you began to initiate at the solstice, now is the time to feel more into that. You have a second chance to get it right! The main lesson of this new moon is to not give up hope. "This is a time where anxieties may be high and energy may be low, resulting in mini-meltdowns, but we will be able to overcome the drama if we let go of outdated views," "It’s time to release the constraints that hold us back and move in a new direction. What can you control? Start at home, within your self. Reflect, Rest, Recharge, Reiginite..

Like The Chariot in Tarot (which holds the superpowers for Cancer), the power is in your hands. Take the reigns of these opposing energies.  Have  confidence in your abilities and skill to create what you want. You have the ability to get to your wanted destination if you keep your focus and stay calm. The ride isnt always smooth. Be gentle when dealing with others right now as many are also coping with the changes around them and the shifts in energy that cause unrest and upset to their lives.

Seek your growth with will. Ensure your graces. 

Don’t give up!