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We have, & are going through a GREAT RE-MEMBERING as Women. When we gather together as SISTERS, we gather STRENGTH, we SHED what has been keeping us small, we RE-SOURCE, & we RE-MEMBER the MEDICINES we all hold.

  • Date:13/01/2023 07:15 PM - 28/12/2022 08:45 PM
  • Location The Yoga Rooms, 483 Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 8AG (Map)
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 We are saying goodbye to competition between ourselves, by communing together we UNITE WOMEN as part of the COSMIC MOTHER we all channel.
As society became more patriarchal, women were made to feel ashamed. Women were taught to ignore their amazing potential to create & hold space for new life.
Friday the 13th is THE day of the Goddess. Its a day to honor the Divine Feminine that lives in us all & to honor the cycles of creation & death & rebirth.

Its turns out the only scary thing about Friday 13th was idea of women in their TRUE POWER. 13 Lunar Cycles in the year...13 yearly moon cycles for women, It also represents the mid-point in the cycle between something new emerging something old slipping away.

Friday 13th is a divinely perfect blend of the right conditions, chemistries, elements, energies, to tune right into your own magic.

Women hold the powers of amazing potential to create & hold space for new life in all aspects.


EMBODY the wild women, the healer,the medium, the medicine woman, the creatrix, the artist, the weaver, the singer, the musician..IT IS ALL ALLOWED & WELCOMED.

Are you ready to discover what happens when you stand rooted in your truth & witnessed in your desires?
Then this is your moment. I invite you into Cosmic Mother for an evening of enchantment...

Friday 13th
The Yoga Rooms

Divine Embodiment with Armenia Ray
An evening of sisterhood, empowerment & divine embodiment.
We will open the space with the cosmic mermaid master teacher plant that is Bobinsana. She brings us the frequency of compassion.
A sacred space for you to harness the divine feminine energies of Friday 13th.
Bobinsana Tea Ceremony, Shamanic Drum Journey, Sound Healing, & Hearts Desire Ritual for 2023.

She is bold, mysterious, luxurious, & sensational. She speaks, feels & knows. She senses, dances, & dares.She is ultimate power. She is divine strength. She is here to be served, held, created & crafted. She's here to heal & reveal. Shapeshifter, illuminator of light. Shadow dancing to peace. Her message to you is to make moves. Step by step. She ll be right with you, through you she ll pour.